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    Meet the Amado Equine Team!

    Gus Amado, Owner, Rider, & Trainer

    The Chief Ranch Officer

    Ranching in the Amado family tradition goes back for generations. Gus Amado grew up at the ranch he currently operates, T-V Rancho Nuevo; home to Amado Equine Hacienda. Gus has been riding horses longer than he can remember. His level of comfort on the horse is visible in his everyday riding. As a child, he even fell asleep on the back of a horse after a long day of riding with the cattle. Many of his skills were learned in practice. He later began roping competitively, utilizing the skills he learned on the ranch.
    Gus attended the University of Arizona, earning his BS in Animal Science. He worked at the UA Meat Lab for 7 years then moved on to work with Gus Sr. in Mexico. After selling the business in Mexico Gus took on the ranch full-time.
    Natural horsemanship has also been very influential in how Gus works with the horses. He studied the Parelli program and has offically completed his Level 1 competencies. His study of natural horsemanship has expanded to Clinton Anderson, Buck Brannaman, and Jose Aljeos. Gus has the philosophy that with horses it is a lifelong learning process. He continues his development as a horseman through the study of dressage, rider biomechanics, and horse learning theory and behavior.
    Gus keeps the spirit of the ranch alive with a small cattle herd. They are a mix of Angus and Wyguli (Wagu/Tuli). All are grass-fed and produce fantastic beef.

    Ask about our Grass-Fed Beef!

    Bobbi Lehman Amado, Owner, Rider, & Trainer

    The Chief Equine Officer

    Growing up in the rural town of Brooklin, Ontario, Canada, Bobbi spent all of her free time with horses and other livestock on her family’s hobby farm. Riding was a family affair as both of Bobbi’s parents were avid riders. Foxhunting and eventing were the main sports she participated in as a youngster. As a long standing member of Durham Pony Club, a local Canadian Pony Club branch, she participated in national competitions for Rally, Quiz, and Tetrathalon and ultimately received her HA rating. As Bobbi moved through the ranks of Pony Club she also became an official tester of lower levels (up through the C2 rating (C3 in USA).

    Bobbi’s main competitive focus was eventing for many years. At 16, Bobbi spent four months in England training under Olympians Jane Bartle-Wilson and Christopher Bartle at the Yorkshire Riding Center. In her late teens she switched her competitive focus to the jumper ring where she competed up to 1.40 m with various horses.

    After working in various places as a riding instructor and trainer, Bobbi chose southern Arizona as home base and met Gus Amado. Together they own and operate Amado Equine Hacienda.

    Bobbi’s main focus for training is now geared toward competitive dressage while maintaining a happy equine. Bobbi’s philosophy emphasizes cross training of the horse even if the competitive focus is dressage. For young horses she believes they should be schooled over fences, on the flat, and out of the arena regularly.

    The eventing background still heavily influences Bobbi’s training approach both for the horse and rider. A well rounded rider manages more situations when out competing. Equitation and biomechanics of the rider improves the athletic performance of the horse. Bobbi has studied biomechanics and each training session with a rider works to improve both a rider’s equitation and use of biomechanics. Development of a solid seat is essential to become an accomplished rider, no matter which discipline one specializes in.

    Bobbi also works outside of Amado Equine as Compliance Manager at UofA’s Financial Aid Office. She has a BS in Psychology (Trent University) and a M.Ed. in Special Education (University of Phoenix) and Human Relations/Educational Psychology (Northern Arizona University).

    Norah Gonzalez

    Animal Care Scientist

    Felix Cisneros

    Ranch Project Specialist

    Matt Rivera

    Equine Exerciser

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  • Location & Directions

    Directions to the ranch from Tucson:
    From I-19 heading south:
    Take Exit 56, Canoa Road
    At the bottom of the exit follow the circle to the 5th exit that goes under the freeway.
    There is a 3 way stop; proceed straight.
    At the stop with only left/right turns into the east frontage road turn south.
    Drive 3.1 miles to 27777 South Nogales Hyy. You will see a white archway over the driveway that says "Ranch Nuevo" and a green and white sign on archway post with our Amado Equine Hacienda logo.
    Pull down the drive, stay left to follow fence line and go past the north side of the main house, then along corrals and hopefully you will find some parking in a large open area.

    Directions to the ranch from Nogales:
    From 1-19 heading north:
    Take Exit 48, Arivaca Road
    At bottom of off ramp turn R (east) to stop sign
    At stop sign turn L (north) onto the frontage road that runs along the east side of the freeway
    Go about 1.9 miles and you should see a green and white Amado Equine Hacienda sign on the post of our driveway. It has 2 white horse heads with a green background. Also, there is an archway over the drive "Rancho Nuevo".
    Pull down the drive, stay left to follow fence line and go past on the north side of the main house, then along corrals and hopefully you will find some parking in a large open area.